Swim a Song Products

Parent Pack

'Swim a Song' may be used as an incentive to encourage your child to become more familiar and confident in a water environment. Use at home in the bath; you can familiarise yourself with the song index and use the songs highlighted with the symbol.

Sing along in the bath with your baby from birth, progressing to interaction with as early as 4 months. Songs are designed as a 'fun to learn' tool, teaching your child the basics on the road to 'learning to swim'.

You and your child will also learn and react to the words very quickly by playing the CD in the car or on your home stereo; it's great fun to practise your swim moves on dry land!

CAUTION: Do not use mains-connected electrical appliances anywhere near water - only use batteryoperated players or play the CD from a stereo in another room. Do not trail any wires into the bathroom.

Top Tip cards are provided to keep you safe and up to date on how to hold and position your child in water, including in the bath.

You may choose to put your bath practice to good use in the 'biggest bath' of all, the swimming pool. Your child's confidence can be developed by visiting the pool and continuing with the songs on an individual basis, or as part of a 'Swim a Song' instructed class, a group environment where your child will attend with others of a similar age and enjoy 'learning to swim' to music.

The cards will help you develop your child to become a confident and independent individual, comfortable when surrounded by water.

Teacher Pack

'Swim a Song' is designed as a teaching resource to aid you in updating and innovatively planning your lessons for Adult and Child courses/classes. 'Swim a Song' will stand alone as a lesson plan, however you should plan your scheme of work as normal, taking into account venue, numbers, abilities of the participants and equipment available. Familiarise yourself with 'Swim a Song' Scheme of Work guidelines.

The product is divided into three stages, each with Top Tip cards which include guidelines on safety and up to date information on how to bath, hold and position children in water:

  • Stage 1 - Introducing your child to water, linked with Top Tip cards 1 - 7
  • Stage 2 - Confidence & Independence, linked with Top Tip cards 8 - 16
  • Stage 3 - Independent Travel and Skills, linked with Top Tip cards 17 - 25

The Top Tip cards are an educational tool for informing your Parents/Adults/Carers of the most up to date methods and you should include them when planning your scheme of work, in order to cover all Top Tips. A card or selection of cards to suit the age group/ability group you are working with should be used as a focus or 'Key Note' for the pool session. For example, Week 1, Session 1 age group (stage 1) 4-18months - the Top Tip Safety First Card - points for this age group would include ear draining when the session is finished.