About Us

Olympian Steve Parry with his company Total Swimming and creators SwimSupreme have in Partnership produced 'Swim a Song', a new product bringing innovative and creative thinking to home and the pool. 'Swim a Song is an ASA and Speedo endorsed product and is highlighted within the National Plan for teaching swimming as a resource for the Foundation Level.

SwimSupreme was created as a partnership between Sharlene Urry (nee Brown) and Jane Wilson after they both worked for a Leisure Trust. The idea came about after a heavily pregnant Sharlene had completed an Adult and Child Water Activities Teacher course. Using her knowledge to visit the pool with her first daughter from the age of 4 months, Sharlene began to change the words of well know nursery rhymes to meet the movement she wanted her daughter to achieve in the water. So having discussed the programme with Jane they both decided to create the programme entitled 'Swim a Song' to bridge the gap between birth and grass roots teaching. Olympian and sports personality Steve Parry of Total Swimming came on board as a partner to develop the product further for the commercial market and link his company's Aquateer Characters to the Foundation Level of the Amateur Swimming Association. The ethos of the programme is 'Keep them safe, start them young', 'Swim a Song' the fun way to teach your child to swim!'

Swim a Song © is a unique, innovative and interactive swimming programme bridging the gap between established adult and child water confidence sessions and learn to swim schemes. Presented in an easy to understand format Swim a Song © guides adults and the very young child through water confidence activities to basic swimming skills, to music.

The best foundation a pre-school child can have is learning through song and play with their parent or other carer. A happy and fun environment means a child learns and develops without pressure. Adults with little knowledge of swimming can encourage appropriate movements so that correct learning takes place.